The Myofascial Correction™ system is a very effective method of treatment primarily using instrumented treatment protocols. It uses two specially designed instruments, a Myofascial Correction Bar together with an IASTM instrument.  These instruments have been created from an ergonomic perspective, that is their function determining their form.


Our instruments have been painstakingly developed over a three year period; we wanted to develop the best instruments available that were designed for specific tasks without fatiguing your hand or arm muscles.

Our IASTM instrument has been tested in titanium, steel, stainless steel and aluminium.  We decided against using stainless steel simply because of its’ weight. Imagine your iPad two and a half times heavier… that’s what you get with stainless steel. All our instruments are engineered in the UK.

Testing many prototypes is a painstaking task but eventually we have created designs that we believe enhance our Myofascial Correction™ technique.

United Kingdom Design Registrations: – 4039717 and 4039718
European Community Design No 002762880-0001


Developing our Myofascial Correction™ technique alongside our instruments evolution has made it more effective and perfectly matched to compliment our instrument design, enabling us to provide the optimum treatment for a whole range of injuries.

The instruments’ central finger hole allows our IASTM instrument to be held lightly, so there is less fatigue in your forearms and hands, which means less wear and tear for you in later life.

Our IASTM instrument is held in the very versatile double pen holder grip for fine work (see above video).  This means that it is created in such a way that it cannot slip out of your hands even if you have lubricant on them; no other design can do this.


This specialised myofascial release instrument has been designed for dynamically releasing the superficial and deep fascial layers. To help prevent undue stresses on the hand and wrist it has been designed to trasmit forces through the arm and hand into the instrument.

This instrument may look simply designed but a lot of thought has been used to ensure it can produce the stresses required for an adequate mechanical loading on the fascial layers.  It is designed to pass forces straight into the palm and up the arm enabling greater forces to be applied to areas in specific directions.





The bevel we use has been designed after trying many different designs, both rounded and straight. There are many single beveled instruments available, we use a universal double straight bevel so that the instrument can be used on tissues with the same force in both directions. We have found that this bevel provides optimum results with Myofascial Correction™.

All types of bevel produce a therapeutic effect, we believe that our instrument design helps MC to produce optimal results normally with instant improvements after treatment.