Kevin Kelly graduated with a Sports Science degree from Liverpool before completing a Doctor of Chiropractic at the Anglo European College of Chiropractic in 1986.


Kevin was the first Chiropractor in the UK to have both a Sports Science degree and a Doctor of Chiropractic and one of the first Chiropractors in the UK to work in the NHS. He has worked as a Chiropractor for 30 years and he has successfully treated thousands of spinal and sports injuries.

His area of speciality is the treatment of the Myofascial system. In 2012/13 he developed the Myofascial Correction™ system of treatment which is taught to chiropractors and other health professionals.

This a very effective method of treating the Myofascial system primarily using instrumented treatment protocols. It uses two specially designed instruments. which he designed from an ergonomic perspective, that is, their function determining their form. It also uses uniquely designed exercise equipment to strengthen and optimise myofascial planes.

I attended a dynamic 8 hour workshop run by Kevin Kelly on Myofascial correction techniques.
It was an extremely interesting and informative day which taught us some of the technique which could be applied to every day practise.

This is a great tool for every type of patient and could be used on its own or along side other techniques.
I think every chiropractor should be made aware of this technique which does not involve any manipulation but has some amazing results.

Caroline Elcomb (Boxall) DC


Its always good to attend a hands on course that you can immediately implement on Monday morning. The background research ref superficial and deep fascia was not only interesting but presented in a wAy that was easily able to visualise.
Kevin’s precision tool delivers exacting treatment to areas of compromised tissue.

An Informative, interesting and productive course that i’d happily recommend to all manual therapist

Julia Sykes DC