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With the IASTM instrument a lubricant must be used. There are many types on the market. Traditionally they have been wax based but some practitioners are using normal water based hypoallergenic skin cream. With specific hand protocols and fascial taping at the end of some treatment sessions we use an ordinary generic water based skin cream as from any chemist or store ( Morrison’s Dry Skin Moisture Lotion is our favourite lubricant) as emollient is more difficult to remove from the skin than conventional cream, this our personal preference, you may already use emollient and may wish to continue to do so.


In the unlikely event that their is a fault or problem with your purchase we will do everything to replace your item so that your purchase is as intended. In the event that you are not wholly satisfied with your instrument it may be returned together with it’s stand in an undamaged condition to us within 14 working days of purchase for a full refund minus repolishing fee. These instruments are highly polished and once used the polished sheen may be very slightly affected. If returned this polished finish will probably have to be re-applied. We therefore charge a fee of £20.00 per instrument for returns. B. these instruments are hand finished and may not be exactly 100% identical.