Myofascial Correction™ is a quick, logical and strikingly effective method of treating the myofascial system primarily using instrumented treatment protocols.  Myofascial Correction uses two specially designed instruments, these have been created from an ergonomic perspective, that is their function determining their form so that they can perform specfic tasks using specially designed hand holds without fatiguing hand and arm muscles.

Our IASTM instrument has, like other types of instrument been designed with specific edges to allow it to be easily used on different parts of the body but more importantly both instruments are designed specifically for  Myofascial Correction treatment protocols.  These treatment protocols have been developed in conjunction with our instrument development resulting in two ergonomically superior instruments for treating the myofasciae.  Furthermore, we have performed infrared thermography to determine if these treatment protocols were affecting tissues in the way we intended.

The techniques used in Myofascial Correction have 3 main functions:

  • Sending specific proprioceptive information to the cerebellum from damaged tissues and their associated kinetic chain(s)  to stimulate the Central nervous system (CNS) providing an instant efferent update to these injured areas.  Normalising aberrant nocioceptive and proprioceptive information to the CNS.
  • Correcting myofascial integrity: reducing myofascial adhesions, connective tissue densification, facial inelasticity and restoring normal hyaluronic acid viscosity in fascia and loose connective tissue.  Returning the correct positional relationship between adjacent tissues.
  •  Remodelling future connective tissue formation.

Myofascial Correction normally takes between two and six minutes to perform and is designed to compliment your existing treatment regime.